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September 2020
ATMC What's New
Bullet ATMC Works to Upgrade Speeds for Thousands of Members
Bullet Capital Credits Coming to Qualified Members
Bullet Annual Meeting Voting and Registration Information Coming Soon
Bullet Try MergeTV if You’re Thinking of Making the Switch
Bullet Make Sure You Are Emergency Ready with A Security System from ATMC
Bullet Catch the NFL RedZone Free Preview
ATMC Works to Upgrade Speeds for Thousands of Members

ATMC has begun a two-phase network improvement project that will provide over 30,000 ATMC members access to faster broadband speeds by the end of 2022. As faster broadband speeds become available, ATMC will increase speeds on most internet packages with no additional cost. In phase one, internet speeds of up to 600 Mbps will be available. At the completion of phase two, internet speeds approaching one gigabit are expected to be available via a hybrid fiber optic to the community and DOCSIS 3.1 to the home connection.

This hybrid fiber-DOCSIS 3.1 approach will provide internet speeds up to three times faster than what is currently available. In addition, this approach will cut the time needed to provide gigabyte broadband speeds from likely 10 years to a period as short as 18-24 months.

Capital Credits Coming to Qualified Members

Each year, ATMC refunds portions of revenue not used to cover expenses in a given year to members both past and present. These refunds are called Capital Credits. ATMC’s Board of Directors recently voted to allocate $1.5 million in Capital Credits to cooperative members who had qualifying service in 1998 and/or 2019. Current members receiving a Capital Credit refund of $50 or less will see the credit applied to their September bill statement, those receiving a disbursement of more than $50 will receive a check prior to the Annual Meeting which will be held virtually on October 2nd.

To find out more information about Capital Credits, please call 910-754-4311.

Annual Meeting Voting and Registration Information Coming Soon

Beginning September 10th, ATMC members will begin receiving emails regarding the registration and voting process for ATMC’s 63rd Annual Meeting of Members. Because the registration and voting process is being handled through a third-party vendor, incoming emails will appear from the address: ATMC Election Coordinator or Please be sure that this email address is whitelisted, or add them to your approved senders list, to ensure you receive information and instructions about the voting process. Members without an email address on file will receive their notice by mail and should simply fill out the registration form and return it in the postage-paid envelope that is included.

Registration and voting will be available from September 10th through September 30th. For more information about the registration and voting process or to learn more about this year’s virtual Annual Meeting visit, If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our customer care department at 910-754-4311.

Annual Meeting
Try MergeTV if You’re Thinking of Making the Switch

Thinking of cutting the cord? Take the first step with Merge Hybrid, a new video option that allows you to view the cable TV lineup using a compatible streaming device in combination with ATMC digital cable boxes. With Merge Hybrid, you’ll get the same functionality you are accustomed to receiving and all the new features like Start Over and Look Back that are available with MergeTV. MergeTV allows you to use your ATMC Broadband service to stream a lineup of the most popular channels on a variety of devices without the digital cable box monthly fees.

Take the first step toward cutting the cord and try MergeTV by calling 910-755-8067 or

Make Sure You Are Emergency Ready with A Security System from ATMC

We’ve already faced one hurricane this year, but the season is not over. With a smart home security system from ATMC, you can set rules so your home automatically responds in an emergency, sends notifications to let you know if you forgot to arm your system or if an alarm is triggered, and notifies you with life-saving alerts if you’re in the path of weather-related danger.

To learn more, visit or call 910-755-8106.

Make Sure Your Emergency Ready with A Security System from ATMC

Credit restrictions apply. Requires a compatible package, broadband connection, equipment, connected device & app. Equipment sold separately & may require separate installation. Monitoring may not be compatible with all equipment. Loss of power with some systems may cause loss of service. Other restrictions may apply.

Catch the NFL RedZone Free Preview

Catch the biggest plays and game-changing moments as NFL RedZone blazes around every game on Sunday afternoons, delivering the most exciting plays as they happen. NFL Redzone, as well as Sportsman Channel, YES Network, MAVTV and World Fishing Network, is available in the Man Cave Sports Package for only $4.95 per month.

Tune in on September 13th for a free preview as your favorite teams kick off on ATMC Channel 268 and in HD on Channel 979. Visit or call 910-755-8067 for more details!


Certain restrictions may apply. Digital box required. ATMC Digital Cable carries national feed of YES Network; therefore, live games are not available. Contact ATMC for more details.



September Video On Demand Movies
Movie Title Available
Irresistible 9/1
Guest House 9/4
The Secret: Dare to Dream 9/22
Extra Innings 9/22
September Pay-Per-View Events
Pay-Per-View events are available on channels 350-353. Check the on-screen guide for listings. Click here for more information.

ATMC Pay-Per-View


ATMC Pay-Per-View

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